Website Design

A good website should be a great experience for those who visit. To achieve this, Six Degrees Studio creates sites that are:

  1. Customer Centric - the customer is there so that they can gain something. Make it about them and not just about your business and it will have more appeal.
  2. Part of an Integrated Marketing Mix - a website should never be the only sales and marketing tool your business is relying on. It can, however, work beautifully to help your business gain awareness, build brand, and get and retain customers!
  3. Updated Frequently - old news is, well, old. Keep it current and your business will quickly be perceived as credible and progressive.

We all know that not all websites are created equal. The design (look and feel) of a site is different for every site on the world wide web. We relish in the opportunity to create websites that focus on working for the visiting audience and reflect the personality of the business we are designing the site for. The more authentic the ‘voice’ of the site, the more genuine it will feel to your visitors. That’s the point at which the trust relationship begins to form and the site begins its best work.

Six Degrees Studio sites do not all look the same (click here to view our Portfolio), but they do have some design underpinnings that are employed in every site to help sites achieve stated goals. We advocate clean use of space – nothing too cluttered. We employ thoughtful use of color to direct the eye and project a sense of energy and vibrancy.

Content is carefully written so site visitors believe what they are reading and want to go further into the site to get more. We employ content-rich features (often in the side margins) to draw visitors further in where they may learn more and leave feeling like they got something of value.

And we employ on-and-off-site web marketing strategies unique to your business so that your site really outshines your competitors. Tell us what you need and we’ll endeavor to make that happen for your business.