Being found on the worldwide web is not a trend. Still important. What is new is the way you go about it.

Search Engine Optimization Trends for 2012

Site speed: lots of chatter about how speed now factors in to the algorithm. Suffice it to say websites shouldn't have been slow to load regardless. Waiting for a site to load is irritating, and leaves an overall poor impression of your business on visitors. Is it a sign of how your business does business? Let's hope not.

Video: last year YouTube became the second largest search engine and continues its dominance. If you haven’t been playing with the love affair that is video it’s time to start. because your competition probably is.

Local: we're big on local search because it works incredibly well to drive geographically-close-in visitors to your website. This is a super-targeted approach for many small businesses who don't have the time, money or inclincation to be found on a universal, worldwide search. Just the low-hanging fruit right in my back yard kind of success is fine with many and local search fills that need.

Side note: If you haven’t tied up all your local listings and profiles, it is beyond time to do that. The search engines, especially Google, are looking at the consistency and completeness of your local listings in order to rank you for relevant queries. That’s a huge ranking factor that is 100 percent in your control. Take advantage of it! Corner the four corners of local search, go through the process of claiming all your local listings, dominate Yelp, manage your customer reviews, get quality citations and do everything you can to build the authority of your site on the Web. This is a lot of to-do's, granted. Call us for help if you like - we've got it down pat.

Searchable PDFs: a PDF is an image-only document that search engines can't see or do anything with. With the addition ofa text layer beneath the image, problem solved. This approach retains the look of the original page while enable text earchability.

On-page SEO will never die: content is still King because relevancy is still search's mantra. That's really what it's all about in the end, right? Keep your content relevant, fresh, and keyword rich. Then ask your programmer to code it all appropriately for search and you'll be doing well.