Website Accessories

Great websites, like architectural marvels and breathtaking gardens, begin with good 'bones'. A solid design that incorporates well-thought-out use of color and spot-on content is a good start. Additional components - accessories or 'bells and whistles' - can then be layered on as long every single component offers bona fide value to the website visitor.

2012 Trends in Website Accessories

Cramming it in is out. If you're going to ask for it - make sure it's on strategy and something the site's visitors will appreciate and find value in. Simple, clean and uncluttered will continue to be seen as 'fresh'.

Websites standing on their own two feet. Just because a thousand other sites are doing something doesn't mean yours should simply follow suit. Give thoughtful consideration to every single thing going onto your website page and determine whether that's what will resonate with your audience. Think up a unique way of reaching your visitors and you'll be rewarded with strong behavior metrics.

Offer more for less. Most of us are scaling back on consumption so websites will offer simple, high value services that deliver more bang for the buck.

Personalization. Let your website strut your business stuff. Websites that show a businesses true colors while still relating to the visitor will go a long way in a short amount of time in building trust. Small but clever touches will win the day.


Here's a list of website accessories that add value and interest to your site:

  • Related Topics boxes. These add visual interest while providing valuable additional information. It's like "going the extra mile" information-wise.
  • Next Steps boxes. In magazines we frequently see an article end with a graphic icon of some sort. In web, you want to end a page with a strong conclusion that doubles as a subtle call to action. Tell your visitors what the next step is and they'll likely do just that.
  • Video, especially if you do any sort of speaking, webinars, or are considered a thought leader/influencer/key resource in your industry. Video has the power to engage visitors like nothing else on the web. Use it for customer ratings, testimonials and kudos, which is more credible than reading a quote in words on the screen.
  • Case Studies. Visitors want to read what you do for clients in a way that helps them understand how you will work with them. Telling them about you and giving them information on products and services is expected. Provide visitors with real life stories about exactly how you have made a difference for your clients and customers and you'll get further along in the 'trust' factor, faster.

We have lots of recommendations for smart web accessories that you'll want to consider for your website. Call us to learn more.  303.246.4052