Revamps, Remodels, Refreshes

How Often Should You Redesign Your Company's Web Site?

More often than you think. Web sites are a process – a work in progress - not a product. You want to regularly and consistently look for ways to improve your site — a tweak here, an update there. If something isn't working, fix it immediately. There's no reason — and no excuse — to wait.

The world wide web changes so rapidly — in terms of design, technology, bandwidth, audience, and types of technology offerings. You simply can't afford to leave well enough alone.

Reevaluate your site design every six months – nine months at the most. If it's been a year since you've made major changes to your site, you're way past due for a refresher.

Six Degrees Studio has a good grasp on website redesign. We’ll help you address and rethink everything, including content, navigation, graphic design, publishing procedures, the tools you use, and even the site's goals and objectives – just to make sure the site remains consistently outstanding.