Social Media Packages

WHY do social media?

  • powerful way for companies to promote/advertise online
  • quickly build a network of core supporters - those loyal to your business will keep bringing your company business and referring it to others
  • marketing via social media is the most cost efficient and eco-friendly method of marketing possible (after a great website, of course)
  • if you can create exclusive interesting content via social media, it will attract a lot of buzz for your business
  • once you have built up a reputation with a few good social media campaigns, it is easy to continue to send messages to your loyals. You can announce new products, promotions and special offers, sales, contests, etc.
  • most believe nothing can compete with a social media's effectiveness and persuasion power if done well and done consistently

If you are interested in pursuing social media to spread the word about your business, hire someone who knows what they are doing and can give you a lot of tips to bring you a bigger payback than you could have done on your own (trust us on this one). Six Degrees Studio works with a bona fide expert on social media to provide the social media packages specifically for the small business owner.

We understand that you might want to start small before committing whole hog to it. Our packages are designed to let you get started and then take it to the next level when you've seen the return on investment.

Strategic Consultation and Review $350

  • questionaire to help you determine what you want to gain from a social media plan
  • website review and instruction on how web and social media work together
  • level of involvement (both yours and ours)
  • recommendations - customized for you and your business
  • basic strategies information (what you need to know to do this well)
  • deliverable:  customized social media marketing Action Plan
Once we determine best next steps according to the strategic consultation above, you will decide on how to implement social media to meet your goals by choosing one of our social media packages.

Starter Package: information coming soon!

Take it to the Next Level Package: information coming soon!

A la Carte Menu

Profile Set-up (choose basic or custom)
Basic  $100 - $200

Customized branded page:  $500

Exampls of Basic profiles:

Examples of Deluxe profiles:

Training $85/hr. (2 hour minimum)

  • nuts and bolts of what you need to know about working with social media
  • how to do it the right way
  • privacy settings
  • tips and tricks

Monthly Maintenance - for those who want us to do it for them ongoing (recommended for at least three months to begin with so your social media presence is established correctly and in a way that will make a positive difference to your business). Pricing for this will depend on exactly what is decided you want to have done each month.