Public Relations

Public Relations is helpful and can be extremely valuable when establishing a website and growing a brand. The trick to effective PR is to make the information desired by the media. It effectively manages the communication between an organization and its audiences, or publics. Public relations gains exposure to audiences by using topics of public interest and news items to provide a third-party endorsement. It can be used to build rapport with all audiences: employees, customers, investors, or the general public.

• Reaching an organizational milestone or receiving an award is a good reason to send a press release

• Is your business expanding? Send a news or press release

• Launching a new product or service? A news or press release can help get the word out to multiple sources and bring in new business

Let Six Degrees Studio help your brand and new website through the use of effective PR. We partners with highly skilled PR professionals with many years of experience to help your firm the best exposure with:

1. Write your professionally produced press release. A proofread and smart press release will present a great first impression with the media. The more professional your release sounds, the greater the chances are that this will be picked up by multiple media sources.

2. Strong Headlines. Your headline, summary and first paragraph will clarify your news. The rest of your news or press release will provide the detail. You only have a matter of seconds to grab your readers' attention, so you want to capture it with a strong opening.

3. Identify Your Company: letting the media know who your company is will build the credibility of the release and promote your name and brand online.

4. Finding an Angle: Press releases must be timely. Make sure that your release has a good news hook through current events, recent studies, trends and social issues to bring relevance, urgency and importance to your message.

5. Special Features: Help find multimedia files like images, video, links and other features that will capture the attention of your readers and highlight your news. Attach logos, headshots, product shots, photographs, audio files, video files, PDF documents or any other supplemental materials that build up your release.

6. Problem Solver: Use examples to illustrate how your company solved a problem with a new product or service.

7. Use of only SMART Words: Wordiness is distracting and news search engines sometimes reject news releases with overly long headlines, excessive lists and high overall word counts.

Contact Six Degrees Studio to learn more about how we can help with your PR efforts. It will be well worth your time and an incredible long-term value to your business.