Email Marketing

If You Aren't Taking Advantage of Email Marketing, You Should Be

You value opportunities to have regular contact with your target audience using your brand (whether promoting a new product, announcing an exciting event, or showcasing current projects). If you recognize that you want to add email marketing to your repertoire but don’t have the time or staff to make it happen on a consistent basis, this service is for you.

Creating and sending email marketing campaigns can be painful, especially those technical and administrative steps required to do it successfully. Let Six Degrees Studio do it for you! Call us today at 303.246.4052

What's In It For You What We'll Do So You Don't Have To
Your own password protected account
under Six Degrees Studio

Delimit Subscriber Lists — Not sure what that means? We’ll make sure your email lists are uploaded correctly and in the right form. All you have to do is provide the original list in an Excel spreadsheet and we’ll take it from there.

A designed and branded email template (one round of modifications at your request)

Manage the Email Marketing Service
We’ll get you signed up and squared away with the service so that you don’t have to subscribe, set up and manage your account on your own.

Branded template created to meet all necessary specifications for email marketing & are based on tested and proved “best practices"

Fill In Content — Six Degrees Studio will take your ideas and promotional offers and fill in the email with your content.

No more worrying about where things should go or how to link information properly. When the next month comes around we’ll replace the copy with your new information.

Ongoing List Management

Test the Email — We put emails through a rigorous testing to ensure that youremail looks its best in your audiences’ email boxes.

Provide your email list to us and we'll upload it into our system where it can live from that moment on so you won't have to re-enter email addresses more than once. And, new subscribers will automatically be added to your online list

Send the Email — One of the hardest aspects of email marketing is finding the time to get the email campaign sent in a timely fashion. We’ll make sure your emails go out when they need to, so there’s no pressure on your end to “catch up” or “get it done” amidst your hectic schedule.

List Segmentation (split your list into different groups for more targeted mailings). When you have a campaign that only needs to go to a specific audience, we can create a list that includes only those email addresses

Troubleshoot — We’ll handle any technical issues that crop up. No more waiting on  the phone with a customer service representative or searching through online forums for the answer to a problem.

Recommended Strategies: we review the most recent campaign results and then advise you on your next steps in terms of content, promotional offers, subject lines, visuals, and timing Reporting & Analytics: receive a final report after your latest email has been sent and before we send off your next campaign so you have feedback on how the email performed for your business. See who
opened your email, what they clicked on, who forwarded the message, subscribes and unsubscribes, and exactly which email addresses bounced. Compare email campaigns in order to spot trends and improve send after send.