Brand Bootcamp

This is a highly memorable session.

You’ll be glad even before you’ve left the room

that you made the decision to participate in this.


Brands That Sell: Get Paid More for Your Services

1 Establish a brand that truly separates you from the competition and makes prospects want to pay more for your service or product. It’s not difficult with our plan of action! In our fun and thoroughly enlightening Brand Bootcamp session you’ll learn:

2 A proven process for defining your brand – just who is your company and what do prospects think your company will do to provide what they want or need?

3 Brand identity: how do these represent your business to the outside world: logomark, overall company look and feel, website, email signature etc.? Are they up to snuff?

4 How to make conscious marketing decisions for your company. If you are sending out a bunch of different messages your audience is likely confused (or worse they think you are)! Learn how to build awareness, promote, and create genuine customer loyalty

5 Tips for selecting the best marketing outreach/tactics to promote your business – all mapped out in an easy-to-refer-to-and-update matrix

In only three hours you’ll understand clearly how to:

• Differentiate your company from your competition

• Get prospects to actually engage with you and your company

• Reach out to prospects and existing customers in a way that matters to them

• Clear your ‘head trash’ regarding your company’s marketing once and for all


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