Article Marketing

Article marketing helps businesses increase web traffic to your website. Article marketing is viewed as a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry. These articles are then made available for distribution and publication in the marketplace.

Building Relationships and Bringing Value to Website Visitors

Building relationships in today’s market is one way to gain valued business. Building relationships online has become a necessity for most businesses to keep up with competition. Article marketing allows businesses to continue bringing in new visitors and building relationships.

New website owners often ask: "How do I get search engine traffic?" Everyone knows that the key to increasing traffic from the search engines rests in having lots of incoming links from relevant websites - preferably one-way links (and we aren’t talking about the links from your website out to others like on a typical Resources page). Article Marketing will allow you to get those precious one-way “backlinks”.

The beauty of doing business on the Internet is that when it's done right - you work smarter instead of harder. Every time you sit down and pen an article - you're investing in the future of your web business. There's no telling how long that article will be out there working for you - drawing in targeted traffic, increasing your search engine rankings, improving your bottom line.

Six Things Six Degrees Studio Will Do For You in Article Marketing

1. Help you avoid common mistakes.

2. Guide you in choosing hot topics and advising on best ways to connect with the reader, so they'll come back to your site again and again. It’s a quality vs. quantity and quality and quantity arena that promotes your products and services

3. Help you understand how to make the most of your resource box and take advantage of every click- through from your article

4. Develop creative titles that command attention

5. Craft the right article length for each topic: keeping interested readers interested!

6. Show you how to track your results: how to know that your article writing is working

Beware Low-Quality, Invest in High-Quality Writing

The sudden popularity of article marketing has caused an overall reduction in quality in many subjects, mainly due to individuals writing low-quality articles as a quick way of achieving exposure. Efficient use of article marketing as a form of promotion requires invested effort in writing high-quality, relevant articles. But this does not mean every company has to make a staff person invest their time in article writing and distribution. Many places offer ghost writing, including Six Degrees Studio, some PR firms, and article marketing online companies.

Six Degrees Studio knows you are saying: “But I can't write or don't have the staff/time – now what?” You don't have to be an author or have the background to do this. You just have to have the desire to take your business to the next level and succeed. We’ll walk you through the steps, or do all of it start-to-ongoing if you prefer.

Quick Examples of Article Marketing

An accounting firm may market itself by writing an article entitled "The Top 10 Ways to Avoid Being Audited" and offering it to the local newspapers and numerous online sources several weeks prior to tax season. Similarly, a roofing company may offer radio stations a concise article entitled "How to Avoid Ice Damage to Your Roof this Winter" shortly before the winter season and have the article strategically placed on their website for download and printing as well.

Some article marketing is now incorporated in blogs because they are a good place to hold article marketing ideas or links to articles you write to promote your products, services and website.

Online Article Marketing: Background

With the rise of e-commerce and Internet marketing, article marketing has made a move to the online world as well. As in traditional forms of media, online article marketing has served the dual role of providing publishers with what amounts to free content, and advertisers with similarly free advertising.

The website where an author can post an article is called an article directory. The primary reason an author can post an article without cost is that the directory owner places advertising on each article page and collects the revenue generated from the advertising. The article directory site gradually increases its own search engine popularity as more articles are posted, benefiting both the author and the directory owners with increased visitor numbers and therefore article page views.

Unlike the off-line version, there are additional dimensions to article marketing online. Most notable among the differences is the use of articles for search engine optimization. Articles are written to target particular keyword niches, and distributed to content publishers that cater to those markets. Authors are able to target their audience with informative content, sent to an already-interested group of readers.

Websites utilizing article marketing anjoy abundant backlinks (i.e., links pointing back to the business' website and an essential part of search engine optimization ). When the articles are distributed via RSS, the exposure to the authoring business and number of backlinks is increased greatly. This is the main reason for promoting article writing: increased website traffic means more exposure to your company and possible sales.

An author can choose to take control of the advertising space on the page where his article is posted. With this option the author has the choice to either have no advertising to compete with the article, or to have control over the advertising on the page along with the revenue generated.

The Most Important Thing Your Article Should Include

Each article contains a “bio box” and byline that include references and contact information for the author's business. Well-written content articles released for free distribution have the potential of increasing the authoring business' credibility within its market as well as attracting new clients.