About Featured Programs

Smart Marketing Tactics for Every Business

We have a number of solid marketing tactics that we know will help your business to get more clients in the door. If you aren’t exercising fundamental business projects that gains awareness for your business and opens doors to relationship building, you won't ever be able to 'break through' – even in ‘good’ years.

The good news is that you can begin now to do something about that. Most of our clients are disinclined to implement many basic marketing practices themselves (and stick to them).  We understand how that goes. So the other good news is that we area adept at getting it done effectively and efficiently for you.

Six Degrees Studio's business solutions and recommendations are best received and carry more ‘weight’ when you and your business are seen as the a source of inspiration. This is an offer to work together with you to enhance those efforts in a way that will be readily apparent to all.

Many of our tactics will benefit you in a number of ways:

• You'll l see results quickly

• The tactics are fundamental marketing endeavors that should be a part of any business’s marketing arsenal anyway

• Quick and easy to implement and do not require much effort on your part

• Resourceful, smart and low-cost – a big bang for the buck

• Your business will be viewed as an entity that understands the its customers and actively works to provide real value to them. This will generate an enormous amount of good will. It should also parlay into increased business because of the promotional opportunities it will provide for you in the form of testimonials, case studies and the like.