Brand Refresh

Brands That Sell: Secrets of Brand Strategy and Marketing

Would you like to establish a brand that truly separates you from the competition and makes prospects want to pay more for your service or product? Are you feeling “fuzzy” on your positioning strategy or how to best describe to prospects what you truly offer?

That signals that it’s time to evaluate your brand and marketing strategy from a new perspective. When you get ultra clear about what your brand really means, your prospects will be ultra clear about what to expect from your company.

Six Degrees Studio's Brand Bootcamp

In our fun and thorough Brand Bootcamp session, you’ll learn a proven process for defining your brand strategy and tips for selecting the best marketing outreach to promote your business. We’re committed to optimal outcomes and use a collaborative method that helps you discover your best brand strategy and begin developing a marketing outreach plan to effectively promote your business.

Typically when people are developing a new brand (or revaluating an existing brand) there are a number of strategic decisions they either make consciously or unconsciously. Obviously it’s better to make those strategic brand decisions consciously and document them so you (and those managing your brand) can stay true to your brand’s unique strategy. Not making those decisions consciously and documenting your brand “truths” is a recipe for mutual mystification between you and your target audiences.

Strategic Decision-Making Involves:

  1. brand identity decisions – naming; brand values; brand tonality; brand look/feel; logo marks; multi-sensory brand experiences and
  2. brand promotion decisions – how to build awareness, preference, loyalty for your brand.

In this session you will discover:

  • What’s the difference between branding and marketing?
  • How is branding a business strategy?
  • How do you define/refine your brand strategy, what questions should you be able to answer?
  • How do you leverage social media and other online outlets to help drive traffic to your website?

Six Degrees Studio brings the expertise on creating and managing brand identity and the marketing campaigns that drive them. We’ll share some fundamentals about what is a brand, how does it relate to marketing and what are the new truths about brand reputation building on the web.

Clients Often Need Help With:

  • building a compelling brand image
  • developing unforgettable brand experiences
  • increasing brand awareness
  • enhancing brand loyalty
  • understanding new target markets/audiences
  • competitively positioning or repositioning products/services
  • launching new products/services and
  • developing innovative outreach plans often involving social media


This is a highly memorable session – you’ll be glad even before you’ve left the room that you made the smart decision to participate in Brand Bootcamp!