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    Delight and Inform.

  • In recent forays through the blogosphere to unearth answers as to why folks blog (and the plethora of ways in which they go about it) I found a treasure trove of thought, intellectual stimulation, and fabulous ideas. Most compelling though, is the simplicity with which the ideas are conferred to the reader – typically and seemingly intentionally brief so as to delight and inform, but not overwhelm or intimidate. The ages-old adage ‘take what you need and leave the rest’ at virtual play.

    Blogs are an effective stepping off point into the challenging yet exhilarating realm of don’t know what we don’t know, a forum for teachers, students, inspirers and the inspired to share their thoughts and ideas so as to provoke us into doing the same. A snippet of fun or jolt of creativity or source of who-knows-what.

    And so this blog will speak to the interconnectedness of life each of us experiences every day in ways that are often undefined and inexplicable, yet we know exist. Enjoy.